A low-cost video idea

A week ago, a client sent me a bunch of photos showing how to use a new shipping container that they had developed, and asked me to create a slide show for their blog. I took a look at the slides and replied, “I can do better than that. How about if I make a video?”

They agreed, so I first imported the photos into a PowerPoint presentation. I then added an introductory slide to the beginning, a “for more information” slide to the end, and wrote a script for the video. I also added the customer’s logo to each slide.

Making the video itself is fairly straightforward on the Mac. The Mac’s QuickTime program, which you would normally use to play videos, can also record whatever is displayed on the Mac’s screen, or a portion of the screen, and turn that into a video. To record the audio, I used a Logitech USB headset.

From start to finish, this process took me a little over three hours, and the client now has a video on his blog and on YouTube. Here’s the video:

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